Learn the 4 points of your emotional rollercoaster that will help you to persist in your real estate business!

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 Tune in and learn to automate your lead generation on a budget and find out more about the upcoming Epic Intensive that will cover this subject in greater detail.

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Learn how to shift your focus from adversity to what you want and turn your life around in an instant so that you're always getting closer to your goals!

Rob and Nancy Kim, a couple that invests with Cash Flow Savvy, shares how they choose turnkey investing and passive income.

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Success = Information + The Individual. Tune in and learn all the details about this equation that will help you to develop the winning mind!

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You don’t have to know everything at the beginning of your real estate journey. Travel as far as you can see; when you get there, you will see further! Today, our first stop is dedicated to building a buyers’ list. Tune in and find out how to create it!

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Do you feel desperate when you need to approach to unknown people at REIA meetings? Well, desperation is the mother of all invention! Tune in and learn useful tips that will help you to overcome this issue.

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Learn the main factors you should take into consideration when determining the price of real estate and why the market sets the ultimate value of a property.

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Don’t let fear to prevent you from reaching your goals! Tune in and learn the 3 main elements that will help you to beat your competition.  

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If you don’t understand the lesson the first time, the school of life will give you another chance to get it right. In this episode, learn how to reveal the invisible barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals, how to control them, and take that second chance!

What does happen to a turnkey real estate investor if market crashes? Mercedes will let you know the answer in detail! Tune in!  

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Learn the 3 crucial reasons for writing down your goals and grow your real estate business!

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Today, Matt discovers the 2 main points that will help you to buy real estate at a discount. Tune in and learn!  

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Today, Matt shares snippets from the interviews that he did with successful entrepreneurs outside of the real estate world.  Listen to how they would look for distressed properties and learn why it is important to think outside of the box.

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Do you want to wholesale your property under contract but you don’t know how to tell that to your real estate agent? Tune in and find out!

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Today, we are hosting Ryan Daniel Moran, a founder of capitalism.com. His mission is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, so he came to the show to talk about developing the lasting business in the modern day. Ryan is an accomplished and serial entrepreneur who has already taught many how to create, where to invest, and how to double their profits. So, stay tuned, listen to how he manages his business, from whom and how he learned, and what the essence of creating a desirable business is.

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If you want to receive an income on a regular basis without putting a lot of effort to maintain it, stay with us! Today, you’ll hear all about the 5 realistic methods of creating wealth through passive income. Learn how real estate can make you wealthy, what network marketing is, and how you can do licensing even if you are not a big player on the market.

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Turnkey Real Estate - Why Wait? The appropriate headline for our youngest clients’ adventure! They thought it would be complicated but having realized that they spent years saving without coming nearly as close as they made through their investments in the last couple of months, Lauren and Nestor were excited to speed it up. They are a couple who is in the process of acquiring their 3rd property this year! Hear their story, learn how Cash Flow Savvy helps young newbies achieve their dreams, and discover why they would advise you to start investing as soon as possible.

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The former Epic Intensive participant is with us today. Greg Helbeck is here to share his mistakes and the lessons he learned about competing and winning in virtual and expensive markets. He needed 9 months to close his 1st deal, then they snowballed because he made rewarding real estate moves in high-end New York and Dallas. Listen to his story and duplicate the consistency and perseverance that will set you for success. Learn why Greg decided to stop his previous job to become a full-time real estate investor, what is the key to doing real estate remotely, and how to beat out your competitors.

What would you do if you had $100,000 liquid to invest? Well, as you start building wealth, you want to get control of as much real estate as possible and responsibly leverage as much as you can by using other people's money and today, we are showing you how to do just that. Learn where to find and how to use other peoples’ money to invest, why leveraging in real estate is very important, and how asking good questions can make you money.

Meet Jason Capital, a founder and chairman of Capital Research International! In his early 20s, he earned and lost a fortune. Today, he is one of the world's most recognized success trainers who came here to talk about the business of high status and to show you how to build the right skills and become a person of power and influence. Jason has already served as a coach and a consultant to fortune 500 executives, professional athletes, navy seals, and bestselling authors. So, join the line and learn what high status is, why some people fail and others succeed in network marketing, and how Jason would use his skills to close deals.

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Money rules and a specific mindset applied by the super-rich enabled them to achieve extreme financial success. There are 7 rules of conduct that can be used by almost anyone who wants to enhance his/her net worth. Today, we are sharing them with you. Those rules won’t only help you get rich but will enable you to live your life to the fullest. Learn what the compound interest is, how to actualize your decisions, and how a super-rich thinks about failures.

Seemingly complicated, real estate investing always comes back to the very basic, yet often overlooked concepts. As we are approaching the best time of the year for growing your portfolio, we decided to go over those concepts and give away the 5 secrets of turnkey real estate investing that will set you up for a winning season. Learn how to use the upcoming period to grow your business, how to set up specific goals, and why managing your own properties is a nightmare.

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Today, we have the 3 business hacks that will help you get desired results faster and easier, so you can get involved in more money-making opportunities. Useful and easy to duplicate in any business, these tips are especially helpful for real estate investors. So, stay with us and learn why you should be careful and intentional about creating the right environment for yourself, where to find like-minded people, and what to ask when the conversation becomes awkwardly silent.

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If you can’t seem to escape mediocrity regardless of what you do, it isn’t your fault, the majority of Americans struggle with it as well, and today we’ll talk about why it is so. Additionally, we’ll explain you how to get out of your financial rut. Stay tuned and learn what kind of financial advice you should avoid, what you need to do if you want to get on the road to wealth, and what your best path for reaching the final destination is.

The CEO of REIvault, Gary Boomershine, joined us today to share his expertise on building a lead generation for real estate investors, to tell you how to improve your own leads, and to talk about direct mailing, follow-ups, and other strategies that will get you more deals. Learn what key money-making activity is, how to do marketing if you are on a small budget, and how Gary's million dollar follow-up letter got him the house he really wanted.

Those that produce and survive the firestorms are the ones who make the most money when the economy goes down. So, today we are giving you the principles of ultimate personal development that will get you through the storms. Additionally, you’ll hear Justin Yates, who began his career earning $75,000 a year, quit his job to become an entrepreneur, and made a 7 figure income. During the recession, Justin hit the bottom and climbed up again. Learn what his biggest mistake was, how he approached his do-over, and what counts more than cash when it comes to creating and maintaining a successful business.