Interviewing our clients, most of them have one real estate message for you – Justo do it! This is the takeaway especially of those who suffered from analysis paralysis. Today, we are hearing the experience of a gentleman who went through it and with whom we first spoke 5 years ago when he said he wanted to try it on his own. Alex Ramirez was successful but he confesses that it was hard. Now, he is working with us on his 3rd property and he has a point of comparison. Listen to his story and learn why it is hard to do it all by yourself, how he decided to start working with Cash Flow Savvy, and how those experiences compare.

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We don’t talk very often about the wholesaling, even less about virtual wholesaling but we have a lot of people in our programs that are very interested in this strategy. To facilitate your business journey, we are giving you the 6 steps to successful virtual wholesaling. Some of our clients managed to create wealth choosing this strategy and jointly with the skilled wholesalers, we prepared an advanced course for all of you who are seriously planning on doing real estate this way. Stay tuned and learn more about the course, why you should be tracking your business activities, and how virtual and local business differs.

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If you are wondering how to pay down debt faster than you are doing it right now, stay with us because we’ll give you the answer! We have been teaching people how to do it for almost a decade now and the bottom line is to get someone else to pay it for you. Learn how to do it, what the difference between good and bad debt is, and why you should be managing it instead of paying it off.

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Grant Cardone, a famous real estate investor and the CEO of Cardone Capital is back on the show! The last time we spoke, a year and a half ago, Grant owned 4,000 units, today he has 6,000 of them and his real estate worth is $1.2 billion. He is with us once again to tell you about the philosophy he lives by and the engines that drive his rapid success. Listen to how Grant Cardone explains the concepts such as spirituality, truth, and money and learn what their role in the world of business and real estate is.

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Did you grow up in a family or a community where money was perceived negatively? No wonder that 94% of our population has huge challenges with creating wealth. Today, we are explaining why it is so and giving you the ideas of how to turn your life around and join the remaining 6%. Learn why people remain poor, why money is important, and how rich and poor differ in the way they think and behave with it.

Today, we are addressing a burning question that you have probably asked yourself at some point - should I buy or rent my home? If financial independence is your goal and you'd like to experience it sooner rather than later, then purchasing your primary residence shouldn't be your first thought. It's only going to extend the journey to your goal since owning a home isn’t an investment vehicle. Learn why there is no such thing as security, why your own home won’t set you free, and how to do the math and decide between owning and renting.

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If you don’t know how to find off market deals, you're going to waste too much time competing on the market, which could cause you to overpay the real estate game. However, if you get it right, you'll never be at a loss because off market is where all the money is. This is true regardless of your asset class or exit strategy. So, stay with us and learn why it is important to learn how to find off market deals, where to look for them, and how to keep getting them over and over again.

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Real estate is a game with the inner and outer component. Most people focus solely on the latter, neglecting the former and they get stuck. If you don't win the inner game, you'll never create a successful real estate investing business! We are here today to tell you how to do it, where to start, and what the essence of the game is.

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Meet Frank Kern, the founder of Behavioral Dynamic Response, an automated marketing method that customizes your marketing messages based on your prospect’s behavior. Listen to the most sought internet marketing consultant and learn what behavioral dynamic response is, how you should be selling your products and services, and what principles earned Frank success.

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If you learn from your mistakes, progress is guaranteed. If you learn from others' mistakes, you’ll reach your goal even faster. Therefore, today, we are sharing the 10 biggest mistakes of self-employed rookies to make it easier for you to establish and grow your businesses. Learn how to choose your customers, how to present your one-person business, and what the real purpose of business is.

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Forbes has finally recognized that, when it comes to your future financial safety, real estate returns are better than your retirement plan. Today, we are explaining why this is so while simultaneously listing the advantages real estate has over other types of investing, which is yet another argument the mainstream media came to accept. Learn what brought about this general shift in the perception of investments, what cash on cash return is, and why real estate makes sense.

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Today, we are giving you the most practical advice on how to get rich from nothing!  Listen to Matt's personal story of rise and fall and learn how to pick a vehicle that will get you to your goal, the significance of practice, and how to promote yourself. 

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Do you wish to access your 401k funds but the associated penalties dissuade you from doing so? Are you wondering how better off your life would be if you cash out your 401k? Today, we are showing you how to do just that – use your money without penalties. Learn when you should withdraw it, the difference between keeping your 401k untouched and cashing it out to invest in real estate, and how to decide between those 2 options.

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Today, our guest, Sunny Lenarduzzi, is sharing some real estate video marketing ideas, which will help you elevate your business, and establish yourself in the industry. She is a social media expert and brand strategist, who runs the Authority Accelerator program that helps you create an automated marketing system in 90 days! Learn how to present yourself and your business online, how to implement Sunny's tactics to find deals, and why hustling won’t make you successful.

Are you tired of your everyday job and you want to be your own boss? Today, you’ll hear about the 5 uncomfortable aspects of having your own business, as well as the tips on how to offset those difficulties. Bear with us and learn what the freedom of having absolute control over your working time means in practice, how to deal with the stress, and why you should not over-promise.

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Today, we are sharing our opinion on the fixing and flipping vs buying and holding debate and giving you the 10 reasons why the latter is a better wealth creator. Flipping houses is fun. It can make you rich. However, holding properties generates various and often overlooked profits, which allow you to accumulate wealth. Learn what those profit centers are, how they function, and why real estate is safer than any other kind of investing.

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Today, we are giving you the 3 key points of the owner financing real estate strategy. If you get them right, you'll find better opportunities, make more money, and more importantly, they’ll give you a tremendous edge over your competition. Stay tuned to learn how this strategy functions, what its 3 forms look like, and where to find the deals that you can obtain employing the owner financing.

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Today, we are showing you how to calculate your return on investment and how to make it grow. Learn how hard your money is working for you, how to make it work harder, and how to use other people’s money to do that.

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In the real estate business, one needs to be a marketer before being an investor, so we brought Dean Jackson, a marketing genius, on the show! He runs Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast as well as many others and has multiple businesses, such as 90-Minute Books. Listen to why he got involved in so many projects, how he manages to complete them, and how he would use his skills to get sellers to call him instead of searching for them.

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The only difference between you and someone who is succeeding at what you want to accomplish is the size of their dream and time. If your goal is not constantly on your mind then it's going to be difficult to set yourself for success. Moreover, if you wish for things to change in your life, you have to start making decisions. In today’s episode, Matt’s mentor, Stephen Gregg, tells you more about these processes, opens up about why he had to start over, how he experienced that, and what he learned on his thorny way to success.

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If you don't want to be a 70-year old person who still has to work, tune in! Learn how you should be using your 401K to buy cash flowing properties to secure a safe retirement, how to gain back the control over your money, and why you should concentrate on numbers and math instead of terminology as you do so. 

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Be consistent with your money-making activities and don't get frustrated if they're not bringing you money right away. They do so directly and indirectly. Don't discount the indirect part of it as your real estate success might lie in there. Stay with us to hear how that happened to Matt and his clients, why you should share your real estate interests and activities right from the start, and how you can benefit from perusing your strategies even if they don’t yield expected results.

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