Ted Bennett, the inventor of the 401K, described his own creation as a monster that should be blown up. Today, we’ll tell you why it is so. Stay tuned and learn why you should consider withdrawing your money, why it is a gamble, and how those low fees actually slash the value of your investment.


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David Meltzer, Sports 1 Marketing’s CEO, knows how it is to attain the highest heights, hit the lowest lows and climb up again. In this encore episode, David is here to tell you about the core values and philosophy that allowed him to shine anew after losing millions of dollars. Listen about his rise and fall, learn what unconscious competency is, how it affects your life, and why he wrote the book, Connected to Goodness.

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Before setting up a new plan for your do-over, it's important to understand what derailed you last time you tried to achieve your goal. Today, Matt helps you determine and eliminate what stopped or hindered your previous success. Learn what invisible barriers are, why it is crucial for you to grasp the 3 different realms of knowledge, and why you should always be open to learning.

Inspectors can be your friends or foes, either way, it is important to go through the process of inspection. We know that those long reports can be scary, which is why, today, we are examining what no one is telling you about inspections and giving you the answers you need to smoothly complete that phase. Learn what an inspector actually does, why reports get so lengthy, and how to use them to negotiate a better deal for yourself.

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Ingo Winzer, a contributor at Forbs, published a well-researched article about the best markets for real estate in 2019. However, we are here to tell you why you should not rush into them and what brings more value to your investment than the market itself. Stay tuned and learn what Winzer predicts for real estate this year, where to invest, and what actually determines whether a market is good or bad.

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The episode where we explained How to Become a Millionaire Quickly Using Real Estate captivated the attention of so many viewers. People loved it but it seemed to have sparked controversy as well, so we decided to expand on it today, give you more details on how to do it, and provide some solid feedback to our critics. Statistically, the easiest way to do it is through the real estate business! To find out more about it, stay with us and learn on what to focus as you start the journey towards wealth, how to buy property with no money, how to become a millionaire, and when you will be certain that you attained it.

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Do you know that Kylie Jenner is a billionaire with a staff of only seven people? You can surely follow her steps or reach any other goal if you educate yourself, learn from other people, and pay attention to the market, and general business culture. Don’t rely only on what real estate has to offer! Today, we are explaining why we are bringing amazing entrepreneurs from other fields to Thought Leader Thursdays, talking about changing atmosphere in the business world, and about the ways these episodes intent to help you think bigger about your business.

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If you allow yourself to think big, if you have faith, and you follow that up with action, nothing is impossible! That’s how Matt made it after his music business crashed and today, we are airing the 1st episode he has ever recorded. He talks about the philosophy that headed him in the right direction, helped him succeed in real estate, and gave him the motivation and energy to start helping other people and their business. Listen to Matt’s experience, learn how to start believing in your vision, and why you should dream big!

Jim has a busy professional career, active family life, and he has just become an investor. Like many of you, Jim also doubted that this was realistic. However, he is here to tell you that real estate can be “smooth and seamless”. Find out how turnkey operations helped Jim to enhance his work-life balance, how he decided to take the 1st step, how he felt about working with us through different stages, and what advice he has for the new investors.

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Today, we are answering the big question - how to buy property with no money down! Many believe it is not possible but we have an example that proves them wrong and the 14 ideas to show you how to start doing real estate with no or very little means. You’ll also be able to mix and match those ideas to find countless additional ways to do it. Stay tuned and learn what double closing is, what the strategies are when the ownership is subject to existing financing, and how to lease the property.

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Today, we're describing the 10 steps you need to take to start building your path to financial freedom, the actions you can undertake even if you are starting out with almost nothing. The point is that many financial experts will give you the common conventional advice, which will keep things nice and slow, but if you want to reach that freedom quickly, you have to know how to use your money as a tool! Learn why conventional wisdom doesn’t work, why you should have a side hassle, and what the good use of debt is.

Meet Jason Khalipa, a CrossFit Games champion, a founder of NC Fit, a podcast host, and the author of the book, As Many Reps As Possible. Jason is talking about how he built that work-life balance and the right mindset, which is essential for serious multitasking. Furthermore, he shares how he manages his business, organizes charity events, and faces life challenges while remaining devoted to his family.

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Today, we are going back to our beginnings to share how it felt when we faced our first real estate issues, what it takes to go through the rough times, and finally come to the point where business gets fun. Learn why you shouldn’t take everything super seriously, how you should regard the problems you encounter, and why the goal itself isn’t the most important thing on your way to success.

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From firefighter to real estate investor - a skeptical man's journey is Glenn Hazard’s story of why he approached real estate very suspiciously only to realize that it works and that avoiding it due to fear was a waste of time. Today, Glenn is sharing how he acquired his properties and talking about family, money and other challenges he bridged to get where he is today. Learn why he was skeptical, how he chose the properties he bought, and why he recommends turnkey investing.

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Our guest is someone who had a decent life working in Silicon Valley only to realize that a path to financial freedom was buying and holding properties. Meet Michale Zuber, the author of the book, One Rental at a Time, and learn what strategies he uses to choose the right market, how he finds seller financing deals, and how to get in touch with him.

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Do you want to get involved in real estate but you don’t know where to begin? Well, you are going to love this episode because we are here to tell you how to get started in real estate investing and to share some successful case studies of people who made it, so you can follow their path. We are talking about the 1st steps in more details, and along with that, our real estate newbies from last Epic Intensive are sharing their stories, their challenges, and the results they attained in just a little over a year.

Jayson Gaignard came to the show to share why a self-made strategy is a myth and to advise you how to create and maintain those worthwhile relationships that can be of great value to your business. A creator of Mastermind Talks and Community Made Podcast, Jayson has abundant personal and professional experience in communications and relationship building. Listen and learn why you should keep your word and invest in relationships, how he runs his business, and why you should focus on the quality rather than quantity of relationships.

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Today, we are speaking of raising rents and giving you the strategy that will allow you to increase your lease number, keep your tenants and maintain a credible relationship with them. This is an important topic not only because it’s about accumulating dollars but because it’s a way for investors to improve their portfolios. Learn why you should know the market before raising rents, how to do it, and what the impact of small increases on your return is.

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Today, we have Lonny S. on the show. This bright real estate newcomer will tell you his story about how and why his business endeavors in the field turned from DIY to done-for-you experiences. Learn why trying to handle your first deal by yourself is tricky and risky, how we, at Cash Flow Savvy, can help you face the challenges, and what lessons and advice Lonny has for people who are thinking about getting involved into real estate.

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Today, we are continuing the conversation on how to succeed in real estate investing! Our guests, Chris Warren, Parker Stiles, Anita Hirth, and Dr. Rob Borer joined us to tell you where to find the off-market deals and funding, to give you new ideas, and to share their secrets to consistency, the main ingredient to success. They are of different backgrounds and ages, they have different goals and visions. You are likely to recognize yourself in one of their stories. So, stay with us and learn how to decide whether to schedule the 1st appointment with the seller, why you should get to know him, and why it is important to know and track your numbers.

Have you ever missed a great deal because you did not know how to make an offer on a house without a realtor but you didn’t want to go through the hassle of calling him? We’ll make sure that never happens again by laying out 5 steps you need to follow to get an amazing deal by yourself! Learn why it is important to know your seller, how to avoid the common mistake people make when negotiating the purchase, and how to calculate and present your price.

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