The difference between making piles of cash vs making streams of cash is the difference between the 4 hour work day and the 4 hour work month. Listen in as Matt breaks down the professional lives of his last two guests, Brad & Brad, and what there is next for them to do.

Also, Matt answers a question that Epic Pro Academy member Rick Randall left on the Epic Real Estate Investing Hotline (1-888-891-7203) about avoiding "dealer status." If you intend to flip properties and you don't know what dealer status is, this is a must listen for you. It's the difference between you losing half your profits and keeping all of them.

Join Matt Theriault and Mark Kohler on Saturday, November 23rd in Irvine, CA at Mark's Wealth Transformatio Work Shop. Register at On Saturday after the event Matt and his team will host a free round-table-get-together for the Epic community, and food and drinks are on Matt! 

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