Matt is back from his travels with lots to share, as well, he answers listener questions regarding:

  • How to submit your first Offer
  • Landing page success
  • Dealer status revisited
  • How to open escrow

Matt will show you how to invest in real estate at, or he'll do it for you at

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The difference between making piles of cash vs making streams of cash is the difference between the 4 hour work day and the 4 hour work month. Listen in as Matt breaks down the professional lives of his last two guests, Brad & Brad, and what there is next for them to do.

Also, Matt answers a question that Epic Pro Academy member Rick Randall left on the Epic Real Estate Investing Hotline (1-888-891-7203) about avoiding "dealer status." If you intend to flip properties and you don't know what dealer status is, this is a must listen for you. It's the difference between you losing half your profits and keeping all of them.

Join Matt Theriault and Mark Kohler on Saturday, November 23rd in Irvine, CA at Mark's Wealth Transformatio Work Shop. Register at On Saturday after the event Matt and his team will host a free round-table-get-together for the Epic community, and food and drinks are on Matt! 

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Epic Pro Academy member, Brad Donley, has successfully made the transition from "day job" to full-time real estate investor in less than a year. He's averaging $42,000 a month wholesaling properties, and now he's seller financing deals to fix n' flippers. Yep, he's now "hard lending" money to other real estate investors. It's pretty unbelievable, really. But, it is indeed happening. Listen in as Matt grills him with question after question to discover how he's doing it, and how he's done it so fast.

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To your success...

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You read the headline correctly. Brad Weber, Epic Pro Academy member, is tearing it up! The crazy part is he sometimes doesn't think so. Listen in on his conversation with Matt as they discuss the specifics of what's producing Brad's quick success.

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Matt Theriault shows people how to invest in real estate at the Epic Pro Academy, or he does it for them at

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Jessy Milner, Epic Pro Academy Member, shares candidly with Matt how he made $86,000 on his very first deal. Learn how he found the deal and the strategy that he used to get free rehab work to maximize his profit.

Download the free course that got Jessy started on his way to that $86,000 deal at 

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