On this episode of Epic Real Estate Investing, Matt talks about the following:

  • More success stories from EpicWholesalers.com
  • How to drink a beer (or coffee) with Matt and get all your real estate questions answered
  • How the Internet fits into your real estate investing
  • Where to get easy, cheap and effective lead capture pages for your real estate business fast! (EpicRealEstateWebsites.com)
  • Matt's 5 most effective strategies for attracting motivated sellers and all cash buyers to your lead capture pages
  • Jason VanOrden from InternetBusinessfromAtoZ.com's 5 lead capture page marketing tips
  • And much more! 

To your success!

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On this episode Matt is joined in studio by Jeff Coga of Captial Redevelopment Group, LLC to share his up and down, and up again stories of his real estate investing career. Discussed are markets of the past, present and future, and specifically how Jeff find his deals online.

If you haven't established your online real estate investing presence yet, you may take the first step in a very easy and affordable way by using Matt's new landing page system at EpicRealEstateWebsites.com

Matt will show you how to invest in real estate at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com or he'll actually do the investing for you at CashflowSavvy.com

Can't find a buyer for your deal? Feel free to borrow Matt's private "all cash" buyers' list at EpicWholesalers.com

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On today's episode, Matt starts the show off with a few announcements of new Epic Wholesalers closing deals and cashing checks by borrowing Matt's private and exclusive "all cash" buyers' list. For more information, you too can register to use Matt's private "all cash" buyers' list at EpicWholesalers.com

The second announcement is of the new service available to podcast listeners, EpicRealEstateWebsites.com, where you can establish your Internet presence and be up and running with two landing pages to generate leads online while you sleep. Why two landing pages? The first one is to attract and caputure the information of motivated sellers that want to do business with you, and the second page is to attract and capture the information of cash buyers so that you can build your own "all cash" buyers' list like Matt's! Get the details at EpicRealEstateWebsites.com

The majority of this episode consists of Matt answering your questions about:

  • What to do with a property that has no equity and does not cash flow.
  • What to do when a Realtor stands in between you and your deal.
  • What to do when your friends and family don't support your entrepreneurial spirit.

If you have not yet done so, download Matt's free real estate investing course at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

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There is one aspect to real estate investing that is so important that if you choose to ignore it, it will cost you hundreds of thousands, and perhaps even millions, of dollars over your real estate investing career. And NO, I'm not talking taxes (although taxes are a close runner-up). It's dumbfounding that this specific aspect is so underrated and so rarely discussed. 

This could quite possibly be the most important episode of the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast that you'll ever listen to. Let me clarify, though... If it's your intention to build a real estate portfolio so that you can live the good life while you're still young and energetic, and if it's your intention to build a portfolio big enough to support generations to come, to create your legacy... this will then be the most important episode of ANY real estate podcast you ever listen to. That's a bold statement, I know. Try me ;-)

Note: Matt Theriault will show you how to invest in real estate via FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com, or he'll do it for you at CashflowSavvy.com

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