Matt fields a listener's call that results in a complete episode on seller financing, how to simply structure a seller financed deal and how to use that same structure in an alternative way to build your own portfolio creating squeaky clean partnerships.

Matt formed several partnerships with podcast listeners since last week and some of them are getting paid this week. To learn how they're doing it, go to for the details.

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Real estate investing is tough enough. There's no need to work harder to earn more when you can work smarter to earn more. Makes sense, right? There are a lot of things one can do to work smarter such as leveraging other people's efforts, experience, money, etc... But! There's something else you can do that people rarely discuss as a method of generating more business, and it's so easy, too.

On today's episode, Matt shares this rarely discussed method for generating long-term business, as well as how he's put a system in place that will allow you to tap into his buyer's list so you can make more money wholesaling properties. How's that for a nice bonus way to work smarter?!

C'mon! Let's get'r done!

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Matt returns to the airwaves introducing a new era of the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast. After a few announcements, Matt dives right into a listener email that illustrates perfectly how success happens in the business of real estate investing. If you've been struggling to get your business going and feelings of frustration and discouragement are causing you to second guess yourself, you must tune into this episode and get back on track.

The show continues with Matt taking your phone calls and personally answering your questions.

If you have a question that you'd like Matt to answer on the air, please call 1-888-891-7203 and leave your question.

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