So you've placed your ads, pitched your bandit signs, mailed your yellow letters and now your phone is ringing. Congrats! Now the real fun and money-making begins. What do you say to the person on the other end? How do you know if they're a suspect or a prospect? How do you turn a suspect into a prospect?

These are all questions that Matt will answer on today's episode. Never find yourself toungue-tied on the phone again.

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As Matt always says to people struggling to find money for their real estate deals, "Find the deal first and the money will find you." Last episode (#50), Matt went into great detail as to what he means by this statement. After the episode was complete, he realized he forgot to mention where to go when you do find a deal so that the money can easily find you. Matt clears that up, and he also shares how to find the types of deals that money is actually looking for. Essentially, how do you attract money to you and your deals? Matt answers that question, too. It's another "can't miss" episode of the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast.

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