The most common question asked of Matt is "How do I find the money for my deals?" On this episode Matt addresses that specific question in detail and provides a thorough explanation to his standard answer of "Find the deal and the money will find you." After completing this episode, there will be no more mystery behind that statement and you will completely understand what it means, why it works, how to implement it into your business and why failure is impossible using it.

If you're struggling to find funding for your deals, this episode very well could be the missing piece of the puzzle that could turn your business around.

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On this episode Matt chats with Epic Pro Academy member Nathan Price of Spokane, WA who just closed his first real estate transaction. Nathan graciously and generously reveals the steps and the process that got him to his first real estate payday. If you have yet to close your first transaction, if your lead generation isn't working, if you can't find the time to commit to your business... then this episode is for you as Nathan shares with you how he overcame all of these challenges.

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