First, Matt breaks down the step-by-step process of coordinating the paperwork in a wholesaling transaction. Second, Matt interviews one of his coaching clients that failed to meet expectations. He received an invaluable education about what it takes to succeed as a real estate investor, and he shares that experience and those lessons with the audience. There is plenty to learn from the those that have succeeded, and there is just as much to learn from those that are still pursuing their success. Enjoy this "must listen" episode.

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Single Family or Multi Family? Which one of these property types is the right investment for you? Once you've decided the right type of property for you, should you flip it or hold it? On this episode Matt answers these questions that have been pulled directly from the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast community, and the answers will surprise you. Before Matt addresses these questions, he's joined by surprise guest Sean Terry of the very popular Ultimate Real Estate Investing podcast. Listen in on their phone conversation where they catch up a bit and talk shop.

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