Listen how a naive newby implemented his real estate investing education and used an REO acquisition with a joint venture "fix and flip" exit strategy to put $26,000 in his pocket on his very first deal.

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On this episode, Matt Theriault, interviews real estate investor and publisher of Realty 411 Magazine... Mrs. Linda Pilagas. Linda and her husband started with a small loan from a friend and a little bit of seller financing and grew a portfolio 24 units in 5 different states. She timed the market right and cashed out before it crashed in 2008. Linda is now using her pre-crash profits to sieze as many opportunities in today's market as she can.

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On this special edition of the Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast, Matt shares the details of one his latest ventures of which he's seeking a few wholesaling apprentices that are open to earning whle they're learning. The right candidates for the position will be trained by Matt and shown a unique side of the wholesaling business. Maybe this is your time?

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A sound real estate investing education is paramount to a real estate investor's success, and the best learning comes from putting that education to use in real life. Real world application of that proper real estate investing education provides a specific type of experience unmatched in a classroom environment. Additionally, learning from others' experiences can accelerate one's learning like nothing else. Thus... The Epic Files. Enjoy!

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Learning how to invest in multi-family real estate is something everyone seeking financial freedom should aspire to do. Done right... can you say, "Cashflow, casfhlow, cashflow?" On this episode, Matt interviews one of the premier multi-family investors in the country, Mr. John Dessauer. Listen in and learn how to actually "force appreciation" on your multi-family properties.

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Real estate investing has frustrated and discouraged more people to only be allured by the elusive silver bullet. There is no silver bullet, or is there?

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The lack of money and credit when investing in real estate is considered by many to be a significant disadvantage, but is it? Is it a career ending crisis? Or is it a future of opportunity? While the cynics will unanimously agree that investing in real estate with no money is indeed a disadvantage, after this episode you may believe... in the words of Robert Kiyosaki... it is your 'unfair' advantage.

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Mentioned in this episode: - Guaranteed Cashflowing Properties - Free Training on the 3 Principles to Prosperity that got me out of the "rat race" in just eleven months.

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