On this episode, Matt kicks off a new series of investor interviews. However, these are not your normal interviews. These are interviews of Matt's coaching clients. You'll hear the good, the bad and the ugly in this series of raw and uncut dialogue that Matt has with his clients.

Specifically, you'll walk away from this episode knowing:

  • How to research a new market
  • How to take advantage of one the more "deal rich" websites on the Internet that most peole have forgotten
  • How to build your confidence so that you can produce lasting results with as much ease as driving a car or tying your shoe.

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The biggest mistake investors make lies within their property evaluation. Most investors pay attention to the wrong factors and use the wrong figures in determining value. On this episode, Matt walks you through his property evaluation method step-by-step so that you can virtually eliminate the risk from your real estate investing. Enjoy!

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Many, after attempting investing in real estate, quickly discover how difficult and frustrating investing can be. Shortly after this discovery, they embark on a journey to find the easier way to do conduct their business and experience success. After an extended time on this journey experimenting with one guru's method, that guy's creative strategy, this company's "fool proof" and going around and around in circles to only discover that there isn't an easy way, especially in the beginning, to invest in real estate. However, there are two things anyone can do to cause the business to be MUCH easier.

On this episode of the Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast, Matt shares the two things that have enabled him to almost print money on demand through his real estate investing. You don't want to miss this one!

Get your free real estate investing course [How to Do Deals : No Money Required] at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

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Direct download: A_Realistic_Plan_Not_a_Tall_Fable.mp3
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Running the numbers and analyzing property can be a time consuming endeavor, not to mention that it can often be all for nothing. Matt shares his two levels of property evaluation that can save you tons of time and frustration. Before diving in today's subject, however, Matt addresses a trend in the email he receives from aspiring real estate investors. Many are stuck in their business by having trouble getting started, and many are also having an issue in analyzing their own deals. Matt covers it all in a "content rich" episode.

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To your success!

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Property analysis done correctly is the real estate investor's first line of defense against the risky real estate investment. Most risks can be virtually eliminated with proper property analysis.

On this episode, Matt walks you through the 3 "don'ts" of property analysis that even seasoned and experienced investors violate on a daily basis. Steer clear of these "no no's" and your real estate investing will take a quantum leap forward as it pertains to your consistent bottom line.

Learn how to invest in real estate with Matt's free real estate investing course. Download it at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

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One of the bigger hurdles real estate investors experience is their lack of confidence in knowing what to say to motivated sellers when they're prospecting. When their real estate marketing begins to work and the phone starts to ring, many are afraid to pick up the phone. Either they're afraid of messing up the deal, afraid of looking silly or afraid of the seller themsevles. Really what it boils down to is fear of the unknown.

Real estate investing can be a daunting trade to pursue, but any trade that offers the types of financial rewards that real estate investing does will not be without its challenges to the novice. If there were nothing challenging about it, everybody would be living off of real estate riches experiencing financial independence.

Unfortunately, there is no way to disappear this fear other than facing it. However, armed with an easy three step easy-to-follow process, facing this fear doesn't prevent itself as the seemingly insurmountable task that it is to most newbie real estate investors.

On this episode, Matt shares his easy-to-follow three step process to sort the suspects from the prospects so that you can spend more of your time where it's best spent... talking to motivated sellers and creating investment income.

You can get started invesitng in real estate even if you have little to no money, credit or experience by downloading Matt's free real estate investing course at http://FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

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Time flies when you're having fun, and recently real estate investing has been a ton of for Matt. On this episode, Matt will share with you the one thing that has, and continues to, positively impact his real estate investing business around buying and selling income property. More importantly, he'll share with you how you can implement the same.

Up to this point in Matt Theriault's real estate investing career, he has mastered 12 different investing strategies that require little to no money. Learn the 2 easiest and fastest of these strategies by downloading Matt's free real estate investing course at http://FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

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Do you know why your yellow letters aren't working? Or... not working as well as you'd like? When marketing for investment properties, the yellow letter can one of the most powerful tools in your aresenal. Like any marketing, however... there are other aspects involved that can make or break your efforts.

On this episode, Matt breaks down the yellow letter and the process behind it to help you identify why your yellow letter campaign isn't working.

Download Matt's free real estate investing course at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com to set your life on track to achieve financial independence.

Direct download: Final-EPREI-Episode_37.mp3
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We live in a society where the big no longer beats the small, it's now the fast that beats the slow. Regardless of what it is that you're up to, whether it's real estate investing or anything else... if you spend too much time getting ready to get ready, you're gonna get pushed aside in the new world. You've got to dream fast, you've got to think fast, you've got to decide fast and you have to act fast to succeed today. Once you understand that, there's just one thing to do that will change your entire financial future... forever.

Today Matt is joined by one of his coaching clients who did that "one thing" and in his very first two months as a real estate investor, he's purchased two investment properties that cash flow a 16% cash-on-cash return. Entering his third month in his new career, he's launched his marketing campaign, his phone is ringing, he's talking to sellers, he's analyzing properties, he's submitting offers and creating an unbelievable momentum. He's destined for success. He's destined for success because he implemented the "one thing" it takes in real estate investing to get started fast.


Resources referenced on this episode:

The FREE real estate investing course How to Do Deals : No Money Required can be downloaded at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

To take a property tour with Matt and his team, go to EpicRealEstateTour.com

The fastest growing real estate investing podcast on iTunes! Epic Real Estate Investing!

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On this episode, Matt shares his new "private financing" program and his guaranteed cashflowing properties in Memphis, TN. Curious investors can download a complete investor's package at CashflowSavvy.com.

Additionally, Matt is joined by fellow podcaster Joe McCall of Real Estate Investing Mastery. Joe explains his turbulent start in real estate investing, how he's mastered a unique strategy in flipping lease options and his latest venture flippling properties in the U.S. while living in the Czech Republic of Prague. You can follow Joe during his real estate investing journeys abroad at RemotePropertyFlipping.com 

Pretty AMAZING stuff Joe is up to!

Download Matt's free real estate investing course at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

Direct download: Final-EPREI-Episode_35.mp3
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Your income in real estate investing is limited to your own creativity, and today on the show Matt is joined by one of the more creative real estate investing entrepreneurs in the country, Mr. Ryan Burk of GreenHabbing101.com

Ryan shares his secrets and strategies of how to invest in multiple states of which none are the state in which he lives. An awesome guy with an awesome business... enjoy!

Get your free real estate investing course at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

Direct download: Final-EPREI-Episode_34.mp3
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Sean Terry of the Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast joins the show today to discuss of all things... real estate investing. Grab your white paper and blue ink and get ready to take notes as the show is filled with tips, tricks and strategies to maximize your investing in real estate.

Grab your free real estate investing education at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

Direct download: Final-EPREI-Episode_33.mp3
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Listen how a naive newby implemented his real estate investing education and used an REO acquisition with a joint venture "fix and flip" exit strategy to put $26,000 in his pocket on his very first deal.

Get your free real estate investing course at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

Direct download: REO_to_Joint_Venture_-_Epic_Files_-_Case_Study_2.mp3
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On this episode, Matt Theriault, interviews real estate investor and publisher of Realty 411 Magazine... Mrs. Linda Pilagas. Linda and her husband started with a small loan from a friend and a little bit of seller financing and grew a portfolio 24 units in 5 different states. She timed the market right and cashed out before it crashed in 2008. Linda is now using her pre-crash profits to sieze as many opportunities in today's market as she can.

Get your free real estate investing course at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

Download a copy of Realty 411 and get information on their Cinco de May Cashflow Expo in San Diego at Realty411Guide.com

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On this special edition of the Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast, Matt shares the details of one his latest ventures of which he's seeking a few wholesaling apprentices that are open to earning whle they're learning. The right candidates for the position will be trained by Matt and shown a unique side of the wholesaling business. Maybe this is your time?

Get your free real estate investing course at http://FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

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A sound real estate investing education is paramount to a real estate investor's success, and the best learning comes from putting that education to use in real life. Real world application of that proper real estate investing education provides a specific type of experience unmatched in a classroom environment. Additionally, learning from others' experiences can accelerate one's learning like nothing else. Thus... The Epic Files. Enjoy!

Direct download: Seller_Financing_and_Lease_Option_-_Epic_Files_-_Case_Study_1.mp3
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Learning how to invest in multi-family real estate is something everyone seeking financial freedom should aspire to do. Done right... can you say, "Cashflow, casfhlow, cashflow?" On this episode, Matt interviews one of the premier multi-family investors in the country, Mr. John Dessauer. Listen in and learn how to actually "force appreciation" on your multi-family properties.

Get your free real estate investing course at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

Take your real estate investing education to the next level by becoming a member of the Epic Pro Academy. Learn more at EpicProAcademy.com

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Real estate investing has frustrated and discouraged more people to only be allured by the elusive silver bullet. There is no silver bullet, or is there?

Get your free real estate investing course at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

Direct download: Real_Estate_Investing_Silver_Bullet.mp3
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The lack of money and credit when investing in real estate is considered by many to be a significant disadvantage, but is it? Is it a career ending crisis? Or is it a future of opportunity? While the cynics will unanimously agree that investing in real estate with no money is indeed a disadvantage, after this episode you may believe... in the words of Robert Kiyosaki... it is your 'unfair' advantage.

Download Matt's free real estate investing course at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

Mentioned in this episode:

CashflowSavvy.com - Guaranteed Cashflowing Properties

EpicProAcademy.com - Free Training on the 3 Principles to Prosperity that got me out of the "rat race" in just eleven months.

Direct download: Final-EPREI-Episode_29.mp3
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No, Matt hasn't changed his podcast format. He's merely introduced his Epic Pro Real Estate Investing Quick Tips to the broadcast. From time to time... he'll drop one in. On this quick tip, Matt shares his 5 commandments for real estate investing lead generation. Enjoy!

Subscribe to Matt's podcast at EpicRealEstateInvesting.com and download his free real estate investing course at FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

To your success!

Direct download: Real_Estate_Investing_Lead_Generations_5_Commandments.mp3
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Taking ownership of a property subject to the existing financing excites the hell out of most investors, however... the fear of the dreaded "due on sale" clause stops them dead in their tracks. There's nothing to fear but fear itself, and on this episode Matt explains why.

Get your free real estate investing course at http://FreeRealEstateInvestingCourse.com

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Real estate investing education is a $500 million a year industry, and if you're not careful... choosing the wrong real estate investing courses can leave your wallet a whole lot lighter and with NO REAL ESTATE. On this episode, Matt pulls back the curtain on the real estate investing education industry and shows you what to watch out for before plopping down your credit card.

Direct download: Final-EPREI-Episode_27_2.mp3
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Are you a buyer of deals, or a shopper of deals? Well... if you don't know what a real deal is, how do you know which one you are? The most successful investors are shoppers of deals. They know the difference between deals and real deals, and they only pick up the "real ones!" On this episode, Matt shares a two-step process in sorting the deals from real deals taking the guess work out of real estate investing.

Direct download: Final-EPREI-Episode_26.mp3
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Closing the deal is an area that can trouble even the most experienced investors sometimes, but if you understand two of the great truths of real estate investing... the next time one doesn't close for you, it won't hurt so much. On this episode Matt shares the one element of the deal that MUST in place in order for a "real deal" to be closed.

Direct download: Final-EPREI-Episode_25.mp3
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This is show time! This is where the deals created! This is where the money is made! On this episode, Matt shares his 5 step process to win/win negotiating with Motivated Sellers. If you help enough people get what they want, they'll give you everything you want. We think that was Zig Ziglar that said that??? If so, he would've made a great real estate investor with that type of mindset. Enjoy the show!

Announcing the pre-launch of EpicProAcademy.com. 75% off during pre-launch. This offer will never be made again.

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On this episode, Matt continues his series of "real" real estate investors succeeding in today's market and interviews long-time friend and 20+ year veteran of real estate investing, Steve Kissane.

Direct download: Final-EPREI-Episode_23.mp3
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