It's the strategy reality T.V. is made of! Drama, stress, triumph and big pay days! It's wholesaling and fix n' flipping! And today Matt is joined by professional fix n' flipper Kristi Cirtwill to share her sercets of success.

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Matt resumes his real estate investing discussion with "wonder boy" Richard Haynes of Hermosa Beach, CA. Listen in as Richard answers YOUR most burning questions about real estate investing.

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Matt uses this episode launch his multi-part series in discussing real world real estate with real word investors. They've nothing to promote, nothing to sell and no hidden agenda. Just investors successful in today's market talking real estate investing. Today Matt is joined by 26 year old, yep! 26 years old!, Richard Haynes of Hermosa Beach, CA. He's crushing it in today's market and he'll eat your lunch if you're not careful.

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"Where do you find the money?" and "How do you find the money?" are the two questions of which the answers seemingly allude most investors seeking to build their real estate investing business. On this episode, Matt shares his top 3 sources of money inside of his own creative real estate investing business.

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