Deals don't happen unless you're presenting offers, and even more importantly... deals don't happen unless your offers are getting accepted. Matt shares with you exactly how he presents his offers and gets them accepted averaging 2-3 deals a month.

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It's the ol' investors creed... "You make money when you BUY real estate!" That being the case, how you buy is vital to your real estate investing success. Tragically, the biggest mistake investors make is improper property analysis; And improper property analysis leads to bad buys, of which leads to money lost. On this episode learn how to know if you have a deal or not in seconds, and how to virtually eliminate the risk from your real estate investing.

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What you don't know can rob you of everything you're working so hard to build. Awareness is power! On this episode, Matt reveals every beginning investor's biggest obstacle and how to bust through it.

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When it comes to success in real estate investing, the investor with the most leads has the greatest opportunity. The quality of the leads is in the "quantity." In this episode, Matt shows you how to generate more leads than you know what to do with by becoming a lead generation machine.

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There are no guarantees in life, that's for sure. However, performing the right activities consistently over time will produce your desired result. On this episode, Matt shares what those "right" activites are for your real estate investing and how if performed in a certain way... YOUR success will be guaranteed.

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There are four stages to becoming a millionaire real estate investor, and if you can't conquer the most important thing... you don't have a chance. Your financial future is in serious jeopardy if you ignore thee MOST important thing!

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If a group of any size were asked, "Do you want to be financially free?", you'd be hard pressed to find one person that would say no. However, if you asked that same group if they had a plan to become financially free... you'd be equally hard pressed to find one that did. If so many want it, why do so few achieve it? Why do most people spend more time planning their Summer vacation than they do their lives? That probably wouldn't be the case if they actually knew how. On this episode, the "how?" is revealed. It's easier, faster and safer than most people can imagine.

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