Today Matt is interviewing another special guest from his mastermind group, Mr. Joe Lieber.  Joe began investing in real estate in 1998 and, since that time, has bought and sold more than 700 houses.  Over the years Joe has been involved in many aspects of real estate from the brokerage side, to management, rehabs, landlording, wholesaling, and multi-family.   


Of all of these, Joe is best known for his unique low income housing strategies, earning him the affectionate title of “ghetto-ologist.”  Today Joe shares the 2 strategies he uses to avoid management challenges in low income housing.  In fact, he is so good at what he does, he smokes the industry standards and is able to keep tenants for 46 months on average!  Enjoy!


The free course is new and improved!  To access to the two fastest and easiest strategies to a paycheck in real estate, go to or text “FreeCourse” to 55678.

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